jay dockins’ july 2014 rock of israel newsletter

Shalom Haverim! (Hello Friends!)

The calendar page has been turned and it is now July, one of my favorite months! July always meant that summer vacation from school was in full swing, that “it’s summertime and the livin’s easy” (as the old song says) and that I would have at least one very special day- my birthday! Our son, Jonathan, learned a life lesson about birthdays this year. For his birthday in May he received quite a blessing in a birthday card from a family member! For several other days he asked if he had received any more birthday cards. I told him, “Son, let me tell you a little something about birthdays. The more of them that you have the fewer cards you get!” I don’t expect or desire monetary blessings for being born, but I do look forward to hearing from close friends and family when the anniversary of that day occurs.

Me with my lovely bride!

Me with my lovely bride!

June saw some enjoyable ministry activity and quite a few miles of travel! In the early part of the month I journeyed to Killeen, Texas, to minister at First Assembly of God, where Cecil Adams is Pastor. I really enjoy ministering for this dear brother and his congregation! He is a lover of Israel and the Jewish people and a supporter of the work of Rock of Israel Ministries. His congregation is always open and receptive to the Word of God. They are always very interested in the message which I have to bring. It was Pentecost Sunday when I spoke there and we went from the establishment of the feast of Pentecost in the Wilderness to the present day manifestation! I truly enjoyed myself that weekend! While I was in the great state of Texas, I also attended and represented Rock of Israel Ministries at the North Texas District Council which was held at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie! I have a booth there every year and enjoy the fellowship with those who I have become acquainted with over the years and the new friends which I meet each June. A true highlight of the Council this year was the ordination service of two minister friends: Russ Farhoud and Jason Mays! Russ is the Associate Pastor for Cecil Adams at First Assembly of God in Killeen and Jason is the Lead Pastor at Living Truth Fellowship in Mount Pleasant. These two young men are a blessing to my life and I was proud to be there as they were recognized for their study, efforts and the calling which the Lord has placed on their lives!

Pastor Matthew and Stephanie Hodges and family!

Pastor Matthew and Stephanie Hodges and family!

I also had the privilege of ministering in Perryville, Arkansas, for Pastor Matthew Hodges and his congregation at Perryville Assembly of God! Kim and I had held a service in this church seven years ago, on our 25th wedding anniversary, and were thrilled to get to come back and minister there once again! Once again, I had the privilege of ministering to a congregation which was interested in what I had to present and that seemed to love Israel and the Jewish people. It was especially heartening to have the Pastor’s wife, Stephanie, at the table after service, looking at the books which we carry and inquiring about one which would be good to study to increase her knowledge of the Jewish people! Many people stop by and look at the Judaica and jewelry, but her main interest seemed to be the books! I found out that she is vitally interested in the Jewish people and that blessed my heart!

As we head into the last half of the year, our minds should naturally turn to the Fall Feasts of the Lord. I know that I have addressed these feasts in previous issues of this newsletter but I can’t help but to bring them up again. I believe that the Feasts of the LORD are more than just the days which the Jewish people were to keep before the LORD. They are, I believe, a picture of His timetable of the major events of history! A brief outline of the feasts and the events which they indicate or represent is given below:

1. Passover- Jesus, the Lamb of God who died for us.

2. Unleavened Bread- Jesus, our sinless example in living.

3. First Fruits-  Jesus, our Resurrected Savior.

4. Pentecost- Jesus, our Baptizer with the Holy Spirit.

5. Feast of Trumpets- Jesus appears to catch away His own (Rapture) at the Last Trump, the righteous dead are resurrected, Messiah takes His Bride!

6. Day of Atonement- Jesus returns to the earth (Second Coming) to redeem national Israel and set up His Kingdom!

7. Feast of Tabernacles- Jesus lives among man and rules on earth for a thousand years (Millennial Reign).

The first four have obviously been fulfilled by Jesus! The last three have yet to be fulfilled and the next festival to be fulfilled is the Feast of Trumpets which represents the catching away of the people of God at the Rapture! I sincerely believe that this event will occur very soon and that it is incumbent upon each of us who possess a belief in the Blessed Hope to be watching and waiting for this event to take place!

Why do I believe that the Rapture is the next event?  Here are three reasons:
1. The festivals are listed in order of occurrence. The first four occurred in order and there is no reason to believe that the next three will not do the same!
2. Each of the feasts (mo’ed) is literally “an appointment, a fixed time or season, a cycle or year, an assembly, an appointed time, a set time or exact time” given so that we could understand what God intends to do. The Rapture is an appointment which the LORD has set and will fulfill!
3. The pictures presented in the Feast of Trumpets give an undeniable picture of what this festival is about. I will not reiterate this teaching but you can reference the “Special Fall Feasts Edition” of this newsletter from September of last year to view a teaching on this subject!

I said all of that to say this. We need to be sharing the Gospel like never before and be living to please God like with an intensity which we have never had before! Jesus is coming soon and we must be ready! Rock of Israel’s Mission statement is: “Proclaiming the Good News to the Jewish People that the Messiah has come and will soon return!” Let’s all be about that task!

Jewish Vocabulary:
The vocabulary word for this month is “mo’ed” which means “an appointment, a fixed time or season, a cycle or year, an assembly, an appointed time, a set time or exact time”. The Seven Feasts of the LORD which are found and outlined in Leviticus 23 are appointments which the LORD commanded His people to keep. He will fulfill each of these mo’ed fully when the proper time comes!

If you would like to hear more about the ministry of Rock of Israel, I would be honored to come and share about Jewish evangelism, culture and the Jewish Messiah with your congregation! I share a little about the ministry and then share a message from God’s Word! I look forward to hearing from you! Shalom!

To learn more about our ministry go to http://jdockinsrockofisrael.wordpress.com/

You can reach me:

-by phone: 479-453-0203 or 800-722-ROCK (7625), ext. 106!

-on Facebook:  Jay Dockins

-on Twitter: @JayDockins

-or by email:  jdockins@rockofisrael.org

See you in August!


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