jay dockins’ february 2014 rock of israel newsletter

Shalom Haverim! (Hello Friends!)

The month of January featured a return to ministry for us! After our surgeries in late December, Kim and I recuperated for the first few weeks of the month before resuming services toward the end of the month. After that, I traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida, to man the Rock of Israel booth at the South Florida Fair.

Our two services for January were both in Monticello, Arkansas. We spoke at Monticello Christian Church during a Sunday morning service. Pastor Jerry Ebert has been kind enough to host us several times for both Passover Seders and for the ministry of the Word! This congregation, though small, always seems vitally interested in the ministry to the Jewish people and what they can learn about their own faith through the teaching which is presented!

The evening service was at Oak Grove Assembly of God in Monticello! It was the church’s annual “Night to Honor Israel” service. It is always an honor to be invited by Pastor Bobby Spencer to be a part of this service annually! Pastor Spencer and his congregation always organize such a powerful and meaningful event for this service! My friend, Pastor Sam Austin, was the speaker this year and did a tremendous job! We enjoyed the weekend in Monticello and I departed from there for the South Florida Fair the next day!

The ministry of Rock of Israel at the booth at the South Florida Fair is centered in evangelism of the Jewish people! Our ministry there involves handing out tracts which all center on the fact that Jesus is the promised Messiah! It also involves conversation with those who are curious about our beliefs and testimony of Jesus as the Messiah! Although our emphasis is evangelism of the Jewish people, we share the Good News with all who will listen!

It would be impossible to carry out the ministry at this fair without the help of local volunteers! Many of these believers work with us each year and are faithful to come and work so that we do not have to spend 10-12 hours per day in the booth! I was blessed with a very dear Messianic rabbi and three couples who helped during my week at the fair this year!

Rabbi Ben Alpert called me before I left Arkansas and volunteered for my first two nights at the fair! Rabbi Ben is a warm, wonderful and jovial man who can talk to anyone! He was a great help and encourager!

Rabbi Ben Alpert and Jay Dockins

Rabbi Ben Alpert and Jay Dockins

Juan and Frances Mercado were a great help! Juan asked me when I needed for him to work and told me to just tell him when to be there! He also came by a time or two when he wasn’t on duty to just visit! Frances joined us when she got off of work!

Juan and Frances Mercado and Jay Dockins

Juan and Frances Mercado and Jay Dockins

Richard and Hannah Greenfield are volunteers who have helped us for at least the last three years! Richard is an accountant and is well capable of handling things at the booth! He and Hannah are quite the team and they took care of things on the Saturday evening and Sunday morning  so that I could go to the service which I had on Sunday morning!

Richard and Hannah Greenfield and Jay Dockins

Richard and Hannah Greenfield and Jay Dockins

The other couple who assisted us in the booth were Jim and Rebecca Fox, missionaries with Chosen People Ministries, who helped the Greenfields on the Sunday morning shift. I did not have the pleasure of meeting them but deeply appreciate their willingness to help!

One of the highlights for me occurred on Saturday when a nine-year old boy man came by the booth. His name is Rafael and he seemed to have an intense interest in what we had at the booth and what we were doing there! As I conversed with him, I learned that he was a very bright young man who knew more than most adults who came by the booth. I also learned that he first began reading the Bible when he was three years old and had read it through several times! He was kind enough to speak with me for several minutes and allowed me to take his picture. I will remember Rafael for some time to come!

My new friend, Rafael!

My new friend, Rafael!

If you would like to experience an evangelism trip with Rock of Israel, let me tell you about an exciting upcoming opportunity! I will be leading a team of volunteers at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, Illinois, from August 7-17! Volunteers will help us to man the booth, hand out tracts, share the Good News of the Messiah and assist those who would like to purchase some of the items which we have for sale. It is a life changing experience and an opportunity for you to witness for the Lord! Don’t worry about what you will say or do. We will train you! For further details, give me a call at the number listed at the bottom of this page or call the Rock of Israel offices and speak with Debbie!

As I close this edition of the newsletter, allow me share my heart for a moment. I believe that the coming of the Lord is imminent. James 5:8 exhorts us to be patient and establish our hearts because the coming of the Lord is drawing nigh! Jesus is coming soon and we must patiently continue living and working for the Lord! What would I recommend and what am I doing myself? I feel that it is time for us to re-intensify our efforts in all that we do for Him! Study His Word more, pray more, serve more, witness more, give more, etc.! Let us patiently continue with what we know that we are supposed to be doing! Jesus is coming soon and we won’t be sorry when He comes and finds us doing what we should be doing! Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Jewish Vocabulary
Yom HaDin- The Day of Judgment. When the Lord returns, He will come with judgment! When He returns to receive His own at the Rapture, those who have lived righteously and are looking for His returning will be judged as righteous and will join Him for eternity! He will then have a final judgment for everyone else at the Great White Throne judgment! Revelation 20:11 Be ready!

Pastors, I still have a few dates open for Passover Seders between now and Passover/Resurrection Day! If you would be interested in having a Seder at your church during this time, please contact me through one of the ways listed below! I even have the weekend of Easter open (it was originally scheduled but just came open in the last day or so)!

If you are not interested in hosting a Seder but would like to hear more about the ministry of Rock of Israel, I would be honored to come and share about Jewish evangelism, culture and the Jewish Messiah with your congregation! I share a little about the ministry and then share a message from God’s Word! I look forward to hearing from you! Shalom!

To learn more about our ministry go to http://jdockinsrockofisrael.wordpress.com/

You can reach me:

-by phone @ 479-453-0203 or 800-722-ROCK (7625), the dial ext. 106!

-on Facebook  Jay Dockins

-on Twitter @JayDockins

-or by email @ jdockins@rockofisrael.org


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