jay dockins’ september 2013 rock of israel newsletter

Shalom Haverim! (Hello Friends)

My busiest  summer of ministry continued through August! During August I had the privilege of attending a conference in Orlando and participating in evangelism in Toronto, Canada! Those two events had me out of town for 16 of August’s 31 days. The total count for my 91 day summer break from work was 46 days away from home and 45 at home. But I am finally home and off of the road for a while, Kim and Jonathan both recognize me, and my two dogs still allow me to pet them! I pray that the Lord will make all of the efforts which we have extended fruitful for His Kingdom!

The first Monday of the month I flew to Orlando to join Robert and Carrie Specter, along with Scott Roberts, to help man the Rock of Israel booth at the General Council of the Assemblies of God! It was an enjoyable four day meeting where I met new friends, saw old friends, and fellowshipped with pastors whose congregations I have ministered to in the past. Our booth was well received and frequented by many who are interested in the ministry of Rock of Israel and the product which we had for sale!

I was working at the Rock of Israel booth when a lady and her two daughters came to the booth. Rachel, the older of the two daughters, seemed especially interested in having a rubber wrist bracelet which we had for sale on our table. She inquired as to how much it cost. I told her $5.00 and she looked disappointed. Robert Specter, president of Rock of Israel Ministries, told me that she could have it for $3.00. I told the little girl, whose name was Rachel, what I had been told and she was still disappointed. She said, “I don’t have three dollars.” I looked at her and said, “But I have three dollars!” She looked at me excitedly as I added, “And if your sister would like to have one, I have another three dollars for her to have one!” Rachel and her sister Rebecca, both selected bracelets as I put six dollars into the cash register. A few seconds later, Rachel turned from telling her mom what had happened and said to me, “That deserves a hug and a picture!” Rachel and Rebecca came and stood on either side of me, put their arms around me and had their mom take a picture! It was then when that little girl destroyed what little dignity and composure that I had. She looked up at me and said with the boldness of 100 missionaries, “Thank you! We are missionaries to Paris, and we are going there because only 1% of the people there are evangelical believers! We are going there to tell them about Jesus!” I was speechless! I thought that I had done something nice for her, but she had actually done something awesome for me! She allowed me to bless a missionary family in a very small way and reminded me once again about what is most important in life, telling people about Jesus! Thank you, Rachel! You blessed this old man’s soul!

If you would like to learn more about Rachel and Rebecca’s family and their call to France, check out their website:  www.helpusgo.com!

The middle of the month saw me journey to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for evangelism at the Canadian National Exhibition. Rock of Israel had a booth in one of the exhibition buildings. Many people came by the booth, saw the product which we had on display, and asked questions. The questions ranged from “Who are you?” to “Are you serious?” It is difficult for me to understand how anyone cannot comprehend that we actually share the Good News with Jewish people in public venues. Others don’t realize that Jesus is Jewish and the Prophesied Messiah which the Scriptures teach about. Still others who claim to be believers ask us why we are bothering Jewish people with Jesus! Obviously, they have not been taught or have not realized that Jewish people (along with everyone else) need Jesus! We patiently explained why we were there and endeavored to answer their questions patiently. Help us to pray that the efforts put forth in Toronto will bring forth fruit in the coming days!

While in Toronto, we were also observed by anti-missionaries. They came to the booth incognito, but we recognized who they were! Some would browse; others took dozens of pictures, while others asked questions. One young fellow came by and looked the booth over. He then looked at us and said, “You can talk to non-Jewish people about Jesus, but don’t try to convince any Jewish people that he is Messiah!” I told him that we were here to share the Good News with everyone. He then said, “For your own good, don’t share with Jewish people!” As he walked away I felt a little righteous indignation rise up inside of me and a boldness to share the Good News all the more with those who came by!

This issue of my monthly newsletter will not contain the Jewish Vocabulary section. It will return next month!

Please allow me to close this edition with an appeal to every person who loves missions! I firmly believe that we are living in the Last Days! I believe that the return of Jesus to receive His own unto Himself is in the very near future! Now is the time when we need to intensify our efforts to spread the Good News!

Many missions organizations are facing difficult financial times. We at Rock of Israel are not exempt from the pressures of poor economic times. We need your financial help in continuing to spread the Good News to the Jew especially, but equally to the Gentile! Please consider adding Rock of Israel to your personal or church missions budget! You will never make a greater investment than giving to spread in the Kingdom of God!

If you would like to give to help us to spread the Good News, send your tax-deductible gift to:
Rock of Israel Ministries * P.O. Box 18038 * Fairfield, OH 45018 (Be sure that you mention my name when you send in your gift!)

Attention Pastors! Due to a few services which had to be rescheduled, I have some open dates between now and the end of the year. If you would be interested in having us in service to share about the ministry of Rock of Israel and/or minister to your congregation, please contact me by one of the methods below to see if a date that you desire is available! You will be glad that you did!

1-800-207-7780 or 1-800-544-0829
@JayDockins (on Twitter)
Jay Dockins (on Facebook)


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