jay dockins’ april 2013 rock of israel newsletter

Shalom Haverim! (Hello Friends!)

Wow! What a month March was! The staff ministers of Rock of Israel Ministries traveled feverishly across our various regions sharing the Good News through the presentation of Messianic Passover Seders! Kim and I shared in several churches and three states during the month and Robert Specter, Doug Carmel and Scott Roberts also led various congregations into a deeper understanding of what actually occurred at the Last Supper which Jesus shared with His disciples! If you have never experienced one of these services, contact me and we can schedule you for one next Spring or whenever you would like! Our goal is that after one has gone through one of these services, they will never receive Communion the same again!

Our personal travels in March included some great churches and pastors!

Jay with Pastor and Mrs. Jim Farris, First A/G, Rose Bud, Arkansas

Jay with Pastor and Mrs. Jim Farris, First A/G, Rose Bud, Arkansas

We began our March services in Rose Bud, Arkansas on Time Change Sunday and during a thunderstorm! (It is Arkansas, you know!) We did a platform presentation of the Seder with Pastor Jim Farris, his wife, Sharon and their Youth Pastor. This was our second presentation of the Seder at the church in three years and it was well received, again! We appreciate this wonderful church and their monthly support of Rock of Israel Ministries!

Pastor Josh Hagan (r) and Annalise Hagan (l).

Pastor Josh Hagan (r) and Annalise Hagan (l).

The next week we were in two cities and states! In the morning we presented a platform presentation of the Seder at First Assembly of God in Dover, Arkansas! We were excited for this opportunity because we live in Dover and it took us all of two minutes to drive to church! (If you drove as many of miles as we do, you would appreciate that!) Pastors Josh and Annalise Hagan were wonderful hosts and participated in the Seder. It was a tremendous time of teaching for the congregation, although a bit unusual from what they were used to. Many kind compliments of appreciation were shared following the service.

Pastor Warren Haase listens as Jay tells whose seat he is filling at the Seder!

Pastor Warren Haase listens as Jay tells whose seat he is filling at the Seder!

That afternoon, after a quick stop by the house, we journeyed to New Bethel Assembly of God in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! Pastor Warren Haase and his congregation had hosted a Ceremonial Meal Seder last year and wanted to host a full Seder this year! It was our pleasure to be a part of this tremendous time of fellowship and learning! We were joined by the Pastor and some members from another local church for the Seder. I particularly enjoyed the evening because the Youth Pastor, Michael Smith, pronounced all of the blessings in Hebrew! Michael is a student of Jewish things and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After the Seder, Kim and I made the three hour drive back to Arkansas for a Monday morning appointment!

Pastor and Mrs. Brian Ryals.

Pastor and Mrs. Brian Ryals.

The next weekend we were blessed with two services in Atkins, Arkansas, which is only around 20 miles from our house! (Once again, a short drive!) Sunday morning we were privileged to minister for Pastor Brian Ryals and the congregation of First Assembly of God! I preached a message entitled, “Proofs of the Resurrection” which seemed to be well received. Pastor Ryals is doing a tremendous job at the church which is growing and adding new faces!

Pastor Chad and Belinda Duvall.

Pastor Chad and Belinda Duvall.

That evening we presented a Ceremonial Meal Seder at Ada’s Assembly of God. Pastor Chad Duvall, hIs wife, Belinda, one of my friends and co-workers, Allen Davis, were at the head table with me during the Seder. This had to be one of the most enjoyable Seders that I have ever presented as an atmosphere of joy and thanksgiving permeated the gathering! Pastor Duvall and I were thrilled as the preparations which we had made were not sufficient! We had to hustle to set a few more places as the crowd exceeded expectations! Once again, the truth and realization of what Jesus had done for us in giving His life were demonstrated and understood in the Seder.

Pastor Zach Mitchell, Word of Hope World Outreach Church, New Iberia, Louisiana.

Pastor Zach Mitchell, Word of Hope World Outreach Church, New Iberia, Louisiana.

Our month of ministry wrapped up in a wonderful way! We traveled to New Iberia, Louisiana, for a weekend of fellowship and ministry with Pastor Zack Mitchell and the congregation of Word of Hope World Outreach Church! (New Iberia is where the famous Louisiana Hot Sauce is made!) Saturday was the day before Resurrection Sunday. We had a Ceremonial Meal Seder that evening, followed by a delightful time of fellowship after the service with Pastor Mitchell and his family! They took us to a place which served all kinds of seafood and it was delicious! Kim and I split a Shrimp and Catfish Pirogue, which was delicious. We also had alligator for our appetizer! I had always stated that I would rather eat alligator than have an alligator eat me!



Sunday morning’s service was a celebration of the greatest event in human history, the Resurrection of Jesus! The worship was alive, expectations were high and we celebrated the Resurrection! I addressed the crowd for a few moments but Pastor Mitchell brought the message and it was vibrant! After the service we packed up our product table, changed clothes, hugged necks and got on the road back home! God was with as we journeyed! Even though we drove through a thunderstorm, were delayed at one stop and took a route which was a little longer but was all freeways, we arrived home with hearts and minds full of great memories from a great month of ministry!

Kim and Zakea Mitchell (Pastor Zach's daughter) on Resurrection Sunday morning! These two are buds!

Kim and Zakea Mitchell (Pastor Zach’s daughter) on Resurrection Sunday morning! These two are buds!

Passover is a special time of year! It is the center of celebration of both Judaism and Christianity! But there is a relatively little known celebration which occurs 30 days after Passover. It is called Pesach Sheni.

Pesach Sheni, or Second Passover, was an opportunity provided by the Lord for those who were ceremonially unclean at Passover, due to coming in contact with a dead body, (Numbers 9:6-14) This holiday shows the mercy of the Lord by giving a second chance to observe Adonai’s Pesach, thus avoiding those people from being cut off from among the people. The passage also extends the same opportunity for the foreigner who lives among the people to observe Passover at this late date! What a beautiful picture of the mercies of our God who extends mercy to one who could not observe Passover at the appointed time and to the stranger who dwelt among God’s people! God gives second chances and accepts us “foreigners” who will seek and worship Him!

Jewish Vocabulary – Passover Sheni, the second Passover. Given in Numbers 9 so that those who were ceremonially unclean or foreigners could celebrate the Passover one month after Passover. It was a picture of God’s grace and mercy!

Passover Season has passed but some still request Seders throughout the year. If you are interested, just let me know. I also teach and preach on MANY OTHER SUBJECTS and would love to share with your congregation! (The Feasts of the Lord, The Prayer Shawl, Proofs of the Resurrection, etc.) You can contact me at any of the outlets below. I have had a couple of dates to come open in the summer months if you might be interested in having the ministry of Rock of Israel come to your church.

1-800-207-7780 or 1-800-544-0829


@JayDockins (on Twitter)

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