jay dockins’ july 2012 rock of israel newsletter

Shalom Haverim! (Hello Friends!)

Summer time has come upon us with a vengeance! It has been hot where I live! A string of days with the temperature ranging from 100 to 106 degrees has come and will hopefully leave soon! But during this time we have been busy with summer activities and ministry. No matter how hot that it gets, the work of spreading the Good News of Jesus the Messiah must go on!

During the month of June I traveled to Texas and Oklahoma for services and events! On the second weekend in July, I was with Pastor Cecil Adams and the congregation at First Assembly of God in Killeen, Texas for a wonderful service. I preached a message on “The Name of Jesus in the Old Testament.” In that message I point out how the Hebrew name for Jesus, “Yeshua,” is found throughout the Old Testament Scriptures and speaks of what God desires to do for those who know His Son’s name. Yeshua means “salvation” and is found many times in the Hebrew Scriptures!

Yeshua (“Jesus” in Hebrew)

Immediately following the service in Killeen, I represented the ministry of Rock of Israel at the North Texas District Council of the Assemblies of God. This four day event is one where I get to introduce the ministry to those who have never been exposed to Rock of Israel before. Each year at this event I meet new friends, reacquaint with those who I have met previously and even schedule some services for the coming year! I enjoy the interaction with those who I come in contact with and answering whatever questions that they may have. I also sell jewelry, Judaica, books, and Messianic music in the booth as I interact with these kind brothers and sisters!

Pastor Renee Ross

On the last Sunday of June I had the privilege of presenting a pulpit presentation of the Passover Seder at the Living Waters PHC in Wetumka, Oklahoma. It was such a pleasure to be with Pastor Renee Ross and her congregation. They were so very receptive to the teaching on the Seder and were so complimentary of the ministry. It is always a joy to hear someone compliment what is done and to defer all compliments to the Lord and the things which He gave! He is so wonderful and the pictures which He gave to His people will speak through all eternity!

Old People Acting Like Teenagers!

My busy month ended on a pleasant personal note. My 35 year high school reunion was held on the last weekend of June as the classes of 1977 and 1978 of Little Rock Central High School held a joint reunion. We had a wonderful time pretending that we were teenagers again! It was a pleasure to have my beautiful bride of 30 years by my side as we attended the activities. It was a joyous time of remembering, laughing, singing our alma mater, and all of the other things which are done at a reunion. But the most pleasurable thing to me was telling people about the ministry which God has placed us in and sharing with classmates who asked for spiritual counsel. I realized that regardless of where I am, I am called to minister! And one more thing… “Hail to the Old Gold, Hail to the Black!” Go Tigers!

Jay and Kim Dockins

Now, on to things more spiritual…

Tisha B’Av (The Ninth of Av)
The month of July this year brings about one special day on the Jewish calendar, Tisha B’Av (the ninth day of Av). This day is a day of tragedy in the Jewish religion because of so many tragic events which have all occurred on this date. Some scholars believe that the original event which transpired on the date is the report of the men who had been dispatched by Moses to spy out the land which the Lord had promised to the Children of Israel. It is thought that their evil report and lack of faith in the promises of God set this day as one on which tragic events would occur.

Some of the events which have occurred on Tisha B’Av throughout history are:
1. The destruction of both the First and the Second Temples, on Tisha B’Av about 655 years apart.
2. The failure of the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire.
3. The order to expel all Jews from Spain in 1492.
4. World War I, which began the downward slide to the Holocaust, began on that day.
There are more events which all occurred on this date, but this list should suffice to show that this date is one of mourning and sadness for the Jewish people.
This year, Tisha B’Av begins at sundown of July 28 and ends at nightfall on July 29.

Sitting on Tisha B’Av

Commemorating Tisha B’Av
There is a fast of no food, water or washing. It is a minor holiday because there is no requirement to abstain from work.
The book of Lamentations is chanted in the synagogue and it is traditional to sit on the floor in the dark during this chanting.
It is traditional not to greet people during the fast.

Jewish Vocabulary
Our Jewish vocabulary word for this month is kinnot.
The “kinnot” are dirges recited by Jewish people after the Book of Lamentations is read on Tisha B’Av. These are used to mourn the tragedies in Jewish history (the destruction of the Second Temple, the Crusades, the Holocaust, etc.)

A Personal Message
On July 17th, I will be having surgery to correct an illness from which I have been suffering for some time. My surgeon, who is a wonderful believer, assures me that he will find the problem and take care of it. I have already had one surgery for this problem 19 months ago, but he has told me, “I will make sure that there won’t be another surgery for this problem!”

I only tell you of my impending surgery to solicit your prayers. God sometimes chooses to heal by the miraculous. At other times he chooses to heal by method. It matters not to me how God chooses to correct the problem that I have (although a miracle would be much less expensive than surgery). All that I am asking Him is for Him to heal me so that I can do the work which He has given me to do!

The Lord Who Heals!

All of the doctors who have been involved in my care since my last surgery have told me that they cannot heal but that it is God who does the healing! I rest in their confession and in the Hands of my God, Who is THE HEALER!

I will be back with you in August! Until then, Shalom!

I am always interested in scheduling services! I would be glad to coordinate a date for a service with your calendar. If you or your church would be interested in scheduling a service, contact me at your convenience for information and dates!

1-800-207-7780       or             1-800-544-0829


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2 Responses to “jay dockins’ july 2012 rock of israel newsletter”

  1. 1 Suzanne Utts
    July 8, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    I pray that the surgery is successful and that you have a speedy recovery with no complications! I know you will share the gospel with everybody you meet in the hospital.

  2. 2 Gladney Hunt
    July 9, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Enjoyed your news letter. Will be praying for complete healing and may God’s Blessings rest on your ministry.

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