jay dockins’ february 2012 rock of israel newsletter

Shalom Haverim! (Hello Friends!)

It is February already! The month of January flew by (as it always seems to do) and we are now in February, the month of love! January saw a busy schedule with evangelism at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach and a service with my dear friends at Faith Family Worship Center in Palm City. Pastors Russ and Betty Jones are always so kind as to have me to come and minister to their congregation while I am in South Florida. It is always a pleasure to visit with these dear friends and to share with this congregation of people who are intent on reaching the Jewish people that they know! I always come away from this congregation refreshed and rejoicing at the burden which the Lord has placed on the hearts of those who are actively engaging in this type of evangelism!

The South Florida Fair is the reason why I get to travel to West Palm Beach each January. Rock of Israel has a booth at the fair every year and spends the entirety of the fair presenting a witness of Jesus, the Messiah, to those who come by our location. Although the fair was not as busy this year as in other years, we did have quite a few conversations with Jewish people who stopped by to peruse our table and with others who just stopped by out of curiosity!

Front Row- Robert Specter, Carrie Specter, Elizabeth Melick Back Row- Jay Dockins, Steve Kaplan

As always, we were aided in our efforts by some very precious, dependable volunteers! Elizabeth Melick, (our all-time leader in the number of outreaches participated in by non-staff members) came to help as she does every year! She is a valuable and enthusiastic team member who is always a blessing! Steve Kaplan of Jewish Outreach International also came for the week! Steve has a gift for connecting with people and this week was no exception! He met many people who he seemed to have something in common with from their past! Local volunteer Juan Mercado worked tirelessly and his wife, Frances, also came to help on occasion. We were also aided by Cynthia Foster who graciously rearranged her schedule to come and help. It was a joy to work with this team and I felt very blessed!

I will be speaking at the Valentine's banquet at the same church that we were married in 30 years ago!

Ministry this month will be a little unusual. I will preach at a meeting of ministers and at a Valentine’s banquet, along with officiating some Passover Seders (yes, it is that time of year again!). I am looking forward to the meeting of ministers as both old and new friends will be in attendance and the Valentine’s banquet will be at my wife’s home church where we were married thirty years ago! Many of those who will be in attendance will remember our courtship and marriage so I will have to keep the facts straight! These will be pleasant diversions from our normal services but, thankfully, we will have regular services, also!

In thinking about love for a few days, specifically God’s love for us, I have been meditating on 1 John 4:10, ”Here is what love is: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the kapparah (atonement or atoning sacrifice) for our sins.” (CJB) Stating it simply, the greatest way that we know love is not because we loved God, but that He loved us enough to give His Son to die for our sins! Jesus Himself stated that a man cannot have greater love than to lay down His life for another! May we demonstrate our love for others with the same love that God demonstrated for us in Jesus! “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Ephesians 5:25

Jewish Vocabulary-

Our Jewish Vocabulary word for January is Kapparah, the singular of Kapparot. The term means “atonement” or “to cover.” In modern times, a ritual is performed on the eve of Yom Kippur where a live chicken is swung above the head a total of three times. Sins are confessed and the belief is that the sins are transferred to the animal. “This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my atonement”  is the phrase repeated as the chicken is swung.

Kapparoth ritual.

Of course, this ritual is unnecessary because God first loved us and sent His Son to be the atonement for our sins! Pray that the Jewish people will awaken to the fact that their sin sacrifice, Jesus, has come! We at Rock of Israel will continue to boldly proclaim this truth!

I am currently scheduling services for 2012! I still have some dates available this Spring which would be ideal to schedule a Messianic Passover Seder! If you would be interested in your church hosting one of these exciting events or in any other type of service which we can provide, please contact me at your convenience! Contact me for information and dates!

1-800-207-7780 or 1-800-544-0829
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