jay dockins’ january 2012 rock of israel newsletter

January Newsletter

Shalom Haverim! (Hello Friends!)

A New Year is upon us and most of us have made at least one resolution. It is what we do and sometimes succeed in keeping. I have made a number of New Year’s resolutions in the past and most have been kept for a while, but eventually fell by the wayside. However, there are some things which we should be resolute about this year! Here are a few suggestions!

Resolutely believe what the Bible says about the future!

Much attention has been paid to predictions concerning 2012. I have been surprised at how many believers are paying attention to non-Biblical prophecies about this year. Many Christians can tell you all about the Mayan calendar and what they think that it means. Sadly, many of those same people cannot tell you much about future Biblical prophetic events because they do not spend time studying them. It is far more profitable to study God’s Word than to read/study about an anomaly which occurs on an ancient calendar engraved on a stone tablet some place! God’s Word is sure, eternal, settled in the heavens, etc.! What else do we need! Believe it and what it says about the future!

Resolutely spend more time in the Word this year!

I have been heartened lately by a number of friends whose resolution is to read the Bible through this year! I have joined them and am truly enjoying the journey! I have read the Bible through on 17 previous occasions but have not done so in several years. However, this year I am back in the habit and I’m finding it even more exciting than it has ever been! (And that’s saying something because I am reading it through chronologically and my reading for this week includes Job!) It is so convenient to read through the Bible with all of the apps which are available for our electronic devices. (I am using YouVersion and it is quite easy and convenient to read each day when I turn on my Kindle Fire!) It only takes a few minutes each day to read through the Bible and it will change your life! It will be time well spent!

Resolutely take every opportunity to share Jesus with those around you!

As this past year closed, God provided me an opportunity to gently share my belief that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and to put some powerful material about Jesus into the hands of a Jewish person who I greatly respect. (I am obviously taking care to not share too many details about this situation.) It was not only a joy to share; it also rejuvenated the burden that Kim and I have to share Yeshua with those who do not know Him! This past year has been a difficult one but this one event brought freshness to us and our desire to share Jesus with those around us! We won’t pass up any chance we have to share Jesus with anyone this year!

Tell someone about Jesus! Even if you are on stilts!

Resolutely support the work of reaching the Jewish people with the Good News this year!

There are three Biblically proper things which believers can do in relation to the Jewish people.

The first thing which believers can do is to stand with Israel in every way: politically, financially, in prayer, standing against anti-Semitism, etc. These are good and honorable things which are Scriptural and will bring the promise of Genesis 12:3 to bear! God will bless them that bless Abram (Abraham) and will curse him that curses Abram! After all, in him will all the nations of the earth be blessed!

The second thing which believers can do is to help Jewish people from around the world to make “aliyah” to the land of Israel. In doing so, believers are helping to fulfill Biblical prophecy and bring the Jewish people who have been scattered across the face of the earth back to the land which God has promised them. This is certainly a good and worthy cause and one which believers can participate without fear of doing something that is unbiblical. (However, I would be careful to call any ministry that I wanted to contribute to see if they allowed the sharing of the Good News of Jesus with those precious Jewish people who are making aliyah! If they don’t allow a witness of Yeshua, find one that does!)

Arriving in Israel! Making Aliyah!

The third and most important thing which believers can do is to share the Good News with Jewish people (and everyone, for that matter)! Of the three things which I have mentioned, this is the most vital! Jesus, in His last words to His talmidim (disciples), told them to “go and make people from all nations talmidim…teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:20 Complete Jewish Bible) And He also said, “As you go throughout the world, proclaim the Good News to all creation.” (Mark 16:15 CJB) Notice that Jesus commanded that we take the Good News to the whole world and that certainly includes the Jewish people!

Come be a part of our team, support us financially or pray for us! How about all three?!

One of the most blessed things that a person (you) can do is to share the Good News, especially with a Jewish person! Whether you contribute financially, go on an evangelism trip with us or support with prayer, we at the Rock of Israel covet your support. We don’t seek a blessing for us exclusively, but one on your behalf, also! If you would like to contribute you can do so by sending a contribution to Rock of Israel at the address listed below or find out more by calling 1-513-8SHALOM or 1-800-722-7625.  Rock of Israel, PO Box 18038, Fairfield, OH 45018

January Ministry!

Ministry in the month of January is very exciting! I will be at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, Florida beginning the 17th of January! This fair is one which I look forward to and enjoy each year. There are many opportunities to share Yeshua with Jewish people during my time at the fair. I can also honestly say that the weather doesn’t bother me much, either! I am also looking forward to ministering for some dear friends of mine who pastor in Palm City. Russ and Betty Jones are dear friends who are choice servants of the Lord. It is always a pleasure to minister to their congregation and to fellowship with them!

The last weekend of the month I will be in Monticello, Arkansas at the invitation of Pastor Bobby Spencer as his church holds its annual service where Israel and the Jewish people are honored and prayed for! This is always an exciting time and we always love ministry at this church. It is our third visit there and is always an honor!

The Heart of the Matter!

Kim and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on the 16th of this month! What a wonderful life I have had with her! She is the only woman that I would ever want to be married to and probably the only one who could put up with me for this long! She has been there through thick and thin and was so very wonderful through my sickness last year! I love you, Kim, and I look forward to every day with you!

Since January 16, 1982!

Jewish Vocabulary!

Our vocabulary word for this month was revealed and defined earlier in this newsletter, but we will explain a little further.

Talmidim are disciples or students. Jesus’ talmidim were very close students of His who not only listened and studied what the Master said, but lived and traveled with Him during His ministry. This term differs from an apostle which is referred to (in the CJB, at least) as an “emissary.”

I am currently scheduling services for 2012! I still have some dates available this Spring which would be ideal to schedule a Messianic Passover Seder! If you would be interested in your church hosting one of these exciting events or in any other type of service which we can provide, please contact me at your convenience! Contact me for information and dates!

1-800-207-7780 or 1-800-544-0829
@JayDockins (on Twitter)
Jay Dockins (on Facebook)


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